Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hitting Home - February 2007

So, it's time to write.

Dialogue from my luncheon this morning with Mom:

Mom: So how's work?


Me: (pause) Same. Busy.


Mom: Get any feedback from last weekend?


Me: Yeah. It was all pretty good.

(pregnant pause)

Mom: Where are you going tomorrow?

Me: Mississippi.


Mom: oh, wow.

***So, I'd go on with this thrilling montage, but I think I'd die of excitement shortly if I did.

Today has been a gem in itself. In addition to beginning what I know will be a thrilling spread of entertaining, dynamic, and touching *blogs by me*, I sleep tonight knowing that tomorrow will be another wonderful day in the AIRPORT.

Waste not, want not. And yes, I finally have little travel-size bottles! Forget the water, my friends. This girl has gotten travel-savvy.

So, my latest challenge is finding balance between being a human being and being a director. All logic tells me that a director/coach has no feelings- treats students like machinery, with no regard to human emotion.

Get me in front of a group that I care about and I find it impossible to make excuses for my kids. I make an excuse for one, I have to make it for the other 30. Not fair.

I have empathy and compassion for my kids - on a big level. I also know that no matter what I'm experiencing on a personal level- and I experience alot- my kids will never see it affect my performance in rehearsal. I expect alot, sure. But I never demand something if I'm not able to set the example myself.

Never practice - always play.

Interesting event today - Mr. G. going nuts up in the balcony....Shawn, is that really how you count to 18?

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