Sunday, October 5, 2008

Airports and Waste, Part III - December 2006

They took my toothpaste today. It's a 4.5 oz bottle with probably 2 oz used, so technically there was only about 2oz of toothpaste in there...but since the container was over the 3oz limit....gone. I held my peace on that one. Not like I'm going to argue with them.

They took my lipgloss, took a plastic baggie, sealed up my lipgloss and gave it back to me. One more plastic bag. I bet ZIPLOC is doing some fantastic business lately.

I saw three people ahead of me in line toss out bottles of water. I followed suit. I've already expressed my feelings about this.

When I think about the thousands of airports around the country repeating this behavior times a's where my mind goes:

We had one isolated incidence of someone carrying liquid explosives, and now life is about checking bags and wasting unfathomable amounts of consumer products. News flash: Lightening does not strike the same place twice. The next person who is going to try and blow up a plane is NOT going to do it with liquids, unless they are a total idiot.

The argument is age old. But no, folks, I am not "just grateful to be flying safely". So don't ask me.

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