Monday, April 6, 2009

Probably because I can relate... - November 2007

Found this one from the archives, thought it was worth a reprise.

Yesterday one of my girls did something adorably clueless - particularly refreshing after a pretty tense rehearsal.

Dr.T and I are sitting together discussing rehearsal after everyone left. She stayed behind and is walking around, looking at the floor, clearly searching for something.

Dr.T: Are you OK?

Girl: (Shrugs) I lost my phone!

Dr.T: Where did you put it last?

Girl: I put it in my boobs when we were dancing. Now it's gone!

(At this point I take a look at her outfit: She's wearing a short jacket over a tight tank top. Glancing at her tank top, I notice a clean outline of a phone-sized rectangle right on her chest region)

I'm silent for a minute, amazed.

Girl: I just can't find it anywhere! (Still searching around).

I finally spoke up and said "Sweetie, check your boobs. It's still there". She was only half-listening because she was so worked up about losing the phone. I repeated it a couple times in variation: "Look down your shirt. It's right there", and "Your phone is STILL IN YOUR BOOBS".

When this finally sunk in, she looked down at her chest, patted around a little bit and broke out in a big grin when she found it.

Dr. T: (to me) You must look at girls chests a lot more than me - I'm amazed, I didn't see that at all.

**Note: The first statement he made is false. The second I agree with. I, too, am amazed that between me, a straight male, and the girl actually WEARING the shirt, I was the only one that noticed the phone wedged between her breasts.**

Last Word:
Dr.T (to her): Tara found your phone. I didn't. Make that clear.

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