Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don't worry, Cutesy Buttons. Tonight, dying's not on the menu.


Last time I blogged I think I was smoking something. Nag Champa. Today, I'm not.

I'm a dance teacher and freelance choreographer and I'm an aspiring writer and part-time psychologist/social worker...unofficially. My three million and two kids come to me with their stuff and it's an honor to be in that place. Even when they cry. Or I cry. I love my job, most days.

I've got an obsession with Calvin and Hobbes and philosophy. My car is almost a reduced pile of aluminum. I should turn it into a time machine. Go back to my high school dance and tell myself not to wear a red bra with a black dress.

This morning I got up and played 6 rounds of Zombies Ate My Brains. I already won the game, but I think I was just aiming to buy a blue watermelon. Don't ask me why. The logic is kind of lost with me too.

Today I just wanted to write to get the ball rolling again. What I've really got to do is send out some work-related items and clean the french fries out of the bottom of my Time Machine, but it's totally worth the ten minutes to blog and get a voice back on the waves.

the Boo made fun of me last night for saying "whatevs." I found that ironic because he uses cool (stupid) abbreviations for things that no one know "the Falls" and "the Pub"...mostly I have to ask him for clarification, and then he reminds me of the Fonz and I laugh. Yesterday he asked me if my jewelry box had a monkey in it. Often I don't understand the train of thought present there, but it always gets me to lighten up. It balances my conspiracy theories and moments when I feel like I'm really one of those zombies in my game.

Dear God, I'm SO glad we don't have an XBOX. Thank you for your great mercy. I think if we did I would slowly disintegrate into a million little pieces of ash, right there in front of our TV on the living room floor. Or my eyes would burn out of their sockets. Or worse, I would start to eat, sleep, and breathe flying pieces of corn and butter, shooting peas, and angry birds. Harry Potter has that effect on me too.

Ever get so immersed in something that you literally feel like you're really living inside of it? Yeah, yeah. Here here. Time to disengage from the movie, and step back to see clearly.

My focus is all crocus. - Homestarruner

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jscholles said...

I too wore a red bra to my prom. Funny, huh?blinin