Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beyond our means.

I listen to NPR. In so many descriptions I've heard, it's "smart people radio".


From what I've observed all week long, all time and energy is spent focusing on our financial crisis, and on the presidential candidates. Within the past two days, both subjects have gotten a bit nastier.

I don't like putting more energy in a negative area. It only helps fuel the fire, no matter how sincere our intentions are, the more time we spend focusing on a "crisis", the more the crisis will continue. Mother Teresa probably said it best... "I will never attend an anti-war rally. If there is a pro-peace rally, sign me up."

I'd prefer to think in terms of abundance and wealth. I see no reason not to.

And on matters financial, I ran into a doozy of a little thing tonight. After checking my bank statement, I noticed an odd purchase for something like $696. 50 towards a WEBMIRAGE. It had a toll free number, so I gave it a call.

Turns out someone with my credit card information just enjoyed a Cirque Du Soleil show tonight in the Sin City at my expense.

It's being handled, and certainly not a concern on my part anymore, but I just have to laugh. We are told day in and day out by those geniuses on National Public Radio that we should not spend beyond our means...."Don't spend more than you make". OK. I won't.

I'll spend more than someone else makes. Isn't that the American Way?

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