Sunday, October 23, 2011

2:14 am...

...because that's what you look at first.

I am awake, and it's 2:15 now. I have succumbed to the night and surrendered to the fact that tomorrow morning is not going to feel very cool.

So I'm up. Easy, peasy. I can say with pride that I have, successfully, stayed awake at one point in my life for over 72 hours. Thank you, Griff, for the challenge. I think I would have done you proud. Not much can touch me now that I have been to that side and back.

Side note** The suggested labels for this post are "scooters, vacation, and fall." I love scooters. Makes me think of Shawn and Steve. Two crazy gents with a lot of impact on my life. I can say that both taught me how to enjoy the little things. Something about scooters, too. What exactly is the appeal, I still am not sure, but the visual image is enough to entertain on a moment's notice.

Vacation - I dream. Of pristine beaches, crystal clear water, Bob Marley playing in the background. Pure untouched goodness, lazy days, endless sun. When will this be my reality? Soon. I plan on it. I've tripped a couple times, and I know it's just a mirage, but it's a damn attractive one and I'm ready to just go there. Solo. Me myself and I.

Fall - easily becoming, year by year, my all-time favorite season. As much as I love every little piece and part of the "fall experience", I am in a bit of a pickle. This chick can't let herself enjoy squat.

So forget the dreams of beaches, bonfires, and pumpkin today consists of introspection and stuck. Why do I choose the madness?

Damn. I know I know better. It's 2:29am, and I am somewhat enjoying the drama of it all. Let me stay in this "funk" because funky is more interesting than haaa-aappy.

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