Sunday, October 5, 2008

Airports and Waste - 2006

I'm only going to take this opportunity to vent my frustrations about airport security because I'm in an airport wasting time. I spend enough time travelling that I've run the gamut of airport gaffs, and this one takes it.

This whole liquid security thing is really ridiculous. I appreciate getting on a safe plane, of course, but please. So far I've had several items confiscated...a $35 tube of eyeliner (ouch)....a can of tuna. And the thing that set me off today was having a perfectly good half-full bottle of water taken from me and thrown in the trash.

I know - of all the things to get worked up over, it was the water. But I just remember on other occasions when I stashed a $50 bottle of liquid vitamins and some other expensive products in the lining of my suitcase because I was too late to check my bag and I just couldn't bring myself to waste so much money...and got away with it.

Now expensive toiletries and liquid supplements aren't a necessity of life, but water is. Seeing the $2.50 bottle I paid for get thrown away was just really disappointing. And now I fly parched.

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